Who We Are

Our Roots

In 2012, a group of business and community leaders in Kuwait got together to form a nonprofit organization that will address Palestinian economic hardship. The core group named the organization PalSiraj Foundation; the foundation’s name evokes a beam of light that may be small and flickering, yet cannot be extinguished. It is the flame of inspiration, motivation and opportunity that can enlighten minds all over the world about the possibilities for Palestinian economic self-reliance.
PalSiraj seeks to illuminate the path to a future where Palestinians are able to sustain their families with a decent income or thriving small businesses, and where economic security is built on hard work, productive enterprise and education.

Our Purpose

PalSiraj responds to the fundamental need for Palestinian economic self-sufficiency. We aim to shine a light on the full potential of Palestinians to earn a family-sustaining livelihood, to build small businesses, to succeed as farmers, to gain access to new markets for their products, and for youth to enter institutions of higher learning.
We work for a future in which investments, technical resources, and multi-sector support converge to promote Palestinian economic security.
Our purpose is summed up in three words: Enlighten. Support. Empower.

Our Mission

PalSiraj is committed to the empowerment of Palestinians through the attainment of skills, knowledge, motivation and opportunities needed to establish and sustain economic self-sufficiency.

Our Values

We are a secular, non-political organization that assists Palestinians regardless of their faith, creed, gender or political affiliation.
We respect the dignity of all people, particularly the working poor, the underserved and the marginalized.
We offer a hand-up, not a hand-out. Economic self-sufficiency is best achieved through personal initiative, self-help and institutional support.
We value partnerships, fair asset-sharing, and the power of collaboration.
We are driven by empirical outcomes; the impact of our work is best seen in the positive social change it inspires.

Our Goals

Enhance Palestinian ability to earn self- and family-sustaining incomes.
Build the foundations for a highly educated Palestinian youth.