Income-generation program

PalSiraj will build the capacity of small Palestinian businesses, cottage crafters as well as farmers through training and education. We intend to provide seed money through our fundraising and outside sources to help new businesses start. We will help market Palestinian products through distribution outlets to be established starting in Kuwait and eventually in other Arab and foreign regions.

Those revenue-earning activities will be managed under a “blanket” initiative called “The WE Project.” As a “social enterprise” model, The WE Project (link to The WE Project product/ brand design) will apply commercial strategies to improve the well-being of Palestinians. Revenue from businesses that the project supports will not be driven by the profit motive, but by the social good that those profits will help generate. Part of the sales from those businesses will be re-invested to fund more projects. We will also invite investors to finance small businesses in exchange for a share in the profits, and to help strengthen local economies in Palestine.